Twirling Paper Monsters: fun decoration for Halloween or a monster party!
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Twirling Paper Monsters

Author: Amanda Formaro


  • Cardstock
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Patterns
  • Black marker


  • First, cut two large circles from the same color card stock. Cut a slit in each circle that extends just a little past the center.
  • Join the two circles by sliding the two slits together. If the circles don't line up once combined, simply cut the slit a little longer until they do.
  • With the circles combined and laying flat on the work surface, use a glue stick to apply a strip of glue along one of the slits.
  • Cut a piece of string about 36-inches long and press one end of that string into the glue.
  • Next use the glue stick to attach a medium circle to the large circle, covering the string.
  • Now glue a small black circle in the center of the medium white circle.
  • Glue the mouth of your choice under the eye.
  • Now you will need to crease the fold on the face you just created, making sure the paper eye and mouth stay in place.
  • Finish the monster by repeating the above steps for the remaining three sections.
  • Hang your monsters so that they alternate in height. If they are right next to each other they are likely to tangle. Varying the heights eliminates that problem!