This corkboard wall letter is perfect for a teen's bedroom or a dorm room. This corkboard craft is really easy to make and very inexpensive.
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Corkboard Wall Letter

Author: Amanda Formaro


  • 12 x12 cork tile
  • Command strips if not included with tile
  • Cutting mat or board
  • Craft knife or box cutter
  • Scissors
  • Thumbtacks


  • You can find free letter templates on the Internet by simply searching “letter A template” (change A to the letter you wish to find). You can also use a program such as Word to type a letter in the font you like, or draw one freehand. Print out your letter large enough to take up the entire sheet of paper.
  • For my letter, I actually wanted it to be a bit bigger, so when I cut the letter out, I left an excess border of about 1/2-inch all the way around it.
  • Place cork tile on top of the cutting mat. Hold the letter in place on top of the cork and use the craft knife to cut through the cork in the shape of the letter.
  • Once you’ve finished cutting out the letter, trim any jagged or lumpy edges with your craft knife.
  • Cork tiles usually comes with self adhesive wall mounts. Attach a few to the back and hang it on the wall. Simple as that!