Make an adorable coastal themed lighthouse from clay pots! Painted terra cotta pots make the perfect beach themed lighthouse to decorate a mantel, side table, coffee table, or even outside in your garden. Lights up too!
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Clay Pot Lighthouse

Author: Angie Holden


  • Terra cotta pots in various sizes you will need three that fit together, two saucers for the top, and one small one for the very top
  • Glass dome we love the faceted version shown
  • Outdoor paint
  • Paint brush
  • Clear glue good for outdoor use
  • Battery operated candle


  • Paint your clay pots with your outdoor paint in the color of your choice. We painted the bands around the top of each pot in white. Allow paint to dry completely in between coats. Darker colors will require about two coats while lighter colors may require up to four.
  • Paint the bands around the top white along with the saucers and small pot for the top of your lighthouse.
  • Once everything has dried completely, you can glue together your lighthouse.
  • NOTE: That top pot has a hole in it so you are going to want to allow for drainage of water when gluing the pieces together. Just use your glue in about three places leaving gaps in between.
  • Allow the glue to set up according to the package directions.
  • REMEMBER: The top most piece should not be glued to the glass dome. You will want to lift this on and off to turn get to the switch on your candle.
  • Once the glue has dried, you are ready to move your clay pot lighthouse outdoors and enjoy it in your garden. This is a fun project that will look great in any yard. Pick your colors and make your own version today!