Print Project

Paper Plate Rabbit

Author: Amanda Formaro


  • 2 9- inch paper plates
  • brown acrylic craft paint
  • cotton ball or large white pom pom
  • medium pink pom pom
  • medium googly eye
  • 2 paper fasteners
  • Scissors
  • white craft or school glue
  • craft knife or can use pointy end of scissors, grown ups should help
  • pattern


  • Turn the paper plates upside down and paint brown or color with brown marker. Let dry.
  • Cut one paper plate in half, then trim off an additional inch from the straight cut edge.
  • Using the pattern as a guide, cut out 2 ears and 1 of all the other pattern pieces. Use the natural curve of the paper plates when cutting out each piece. Save the scrap pieces for another project or discard.
  • Position the back leg over the bottom right side of the body. Holding the two pieces together, poke the tip of a pen through the plates then insert a paper fastener. Repeat this step with the front leg as well.
  • Attach the head to the back of the body using tape. Attach the ears to the back of the head using tape.
  • Glue cotton ball on as tail and the pink pom-pom on as the nose. Attach the wiggle eye using white glue as well.