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Footprint Penguin

Winter is the perfect season to create Footprint Penguin art with acrylic paint, canvas, and a cozy sock-covered foot from a child you love.
Age Group: Kids Crafts
Project Type: Winter
Author: Melissa Lennig


  • 8 " x 10' canvas panel
  • acrylic paint white, black, grey, blue
  • pencil
  • child's shoe or sock-covered foot
  • paintbrushes


  • After gathering supplies, trace your child's shoe or sock-covered foot on the canvas panel. Within the shoe, sketch a drawing of a penguin chick. I added flat wings, a beak, eyes, and the outline of the penguin chick's feathers.
  • Begin painting the penguin chick. I started with black paint as to define the areas that needed more contrast.
  • Fill in the penguin chick's body and beak with grey paint.
  • Paint the penguin chick's face white. If desired, use blue and white paint to create a snowy scene for the penguin.
  • Use white and dark grey paint to add highlights and shades to the penguin chick's body. When the white paint on the penguin's face is dry, use the round wooden end of a paintbrush to dot on two black eyes.
  • Allow the paint to dry, then hang and enjoy.