Print Project

Glue Snowman

Author: Amanda Formaro


  • Waxed paper
  • White craft or school glue
  • Cookie sheet or other flat movable surface
  • White glitter optional


  • 2 medium red pom-poms
  • 7 miniature black pom-poms
  • 1 miniature orange pom-pom
  • 3 small green pom-poms


  • Place waxed paper on a cookie sheet and pipe glue on in the shape of a snowman. Fill all the holes and use a good amount of glue, but not too much that it begins to run together.
  • Add red pom-poms to the sides of the head for earmuffs. Add eyes and mouth with black pom-poms and the nose with orange. Use the green pom-poms for buttons.
  • Allow the snowman to dry overnight.
  • Carefully peel the snowman from the waxed paper. Do not be concerned if some of the paper sticks to the snowman.
  • Optional: For a sparkly effect, sprinkle some glitter onto the wet glue. To add arms, place some small twigs into the sides of the body while the glue is still wet.