Print Project

Rustic North Woods Ornaments - moose, bear, fish, cabin favorites

Author: Amanda Formaro


  • 1/2 ″ disks of wood
  • black paint
  • thin paint brush
  • pencil
  • ribbon for hangers
  • jute gingham ribbon or checkered material for bows
  • Clear glaze spray
  • hot glue gun


  • If bark around wood is healthy you can leave it in place. Mine were weak and falling off, so I just removed the bark all together and tapped the disks on the table to knock off any excess dust and grit.
  • You can either freehand your designs with a pencil like I did, or use mini cookie cutters for stencils. Another idea is to google some north woods decorations and print out a few designs to use. You can even use black transfer paper to add the designs to the wood.
  • Paint the designs black and let dry.
  • The beauty of this craft is that silhouettes require no details, you just have to make sure your outlines are recognizable.
  • When they are dry, spray with clear glaze. Repeat on the other side. Do a total of 2-3 coats.
  • Create bows out of jute or ribbon.
  • I used material strips from the leg section of boxer shorts that my boys had outgrown.
  • Hot glue to the front of the ornament, above your design.