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Christmas Tree Light Bulb Ornament

Author: Amanda Formaro


  • light bulb
  • paint
  • toothbrush
  • paintbrush


  • I usually prepare my light bulbs by making sure they are free of dust, rinsing in water, wiping off, then giving them a rinse in white vinegar. Usually I paint them with a brush, but this particular one I used spray cans. The reason I did that was to the create a sunset effect that would be more difficult with a brush (not impossible, just more difficult).
  • I sprayed the bulb with a mauve first. Most of it won’t show in the finished product, but it’s still an important factor. After that was dry, I sprayed the top half with a dusty country blue, putting a thicker layer toward the top and just a dusting near the middle. The idea was to blend the blue into the mauve.
  • Next I painted the Christmas tree. That seems to be the “wow” factor of this ornament, and people comment on what talent I have, but really, the trees are very, very simple. Just check out the video demonstration above.
  • After adding the tree, and then the snow on the branches, I used a small paint brush and dabbed off all the excess paint, then gently dabbed on the “lights”.
  • To add the “falling snow” I splattered it with watered down white paint using a tooth brush.
  • I glued some rick rack around the neck of the bulb, gluing a loop of ribbon underneath the rick rack.
  • Lastly, I used Sno-Tex snow paint to cover the top of the bulb and to coat the bottom of the bulb as well.
  • And of course, the finishing touch was 2-3 coats of clear acrylic sealer (I used matte, not gloss).