Print Project

Sun Print Wall Art

Use sun print paper to create wonderful wall art! This is an awesome project for kids to make and give as gifts to grown ups! Adults will love playing with sun print paper too!
Author: Amanda Formaro


  • 5 "x7" sun print paper*
  • Objects of your choice this tutorial: lavender, starfish, plants
  • 13 "x9" or larger pan with an inch or so of cool tap water
  • Foam core or a piece of cardboard
  • Paper towels
  • Clear plastic or glass use one from a frame**
  • White frames
  • White paper
  • Glue stick


  • Place a piece of sun print paper, blue side up, onto your foam core or cardboard.
  • Arrange objects on top of paper.
  • Cover objects with glass and press down to hold everything in place, especially if it's breezy out!
  • Expose to direct sunlight for two minutes.
  • Remove glass and objects from paper. You will see that the paper has lightened in color and the areas under your objects will be the original blue.
  • Submerge exposed paper in pan of water.
  • Be sure it's completely covered and leave in water for about one minute. The blue areas will turn white, and the light areas will turn light blue.
  • Remove paper from water and place on paper towels to dry. The blue areas will darken as the paper dries.


*Sun print paper comes in different sizes. I used 5"x7" for this project. Sun print paper comes in packs for multiple projects. The paper is stored inside a black packet to keep it from being exposed to light. Only remove it from the packet when you are ready to start.
**Check the edges of the glass to make sure they aren't sharp. Cover edges with painter's tape if children will be handling directly. Painter's tape can easily be removed when project is finished.