Family Handprint Turkey
Print Project

Family Handprint Turkey

Author: Amanda Formaro


  • construction paper in red yellow, orange and brown
  • 2 medium googly eyes
  • white craft or school glue


  • Have mom (and dad) place their hand on a piece of red construction paper. Trace around their hand and cut out.
  • Note: If doing this as a class project, send home a note to parents to trace their hand on white paper and send back to school with their child. When the papers are returned, lay a piece of red construction paper under the white paper and use a pen or pencil to trace the hand, the indents from the pen will show where to cut on the red paper. Alternatively, you can send home a sheet of red construction paper with each child.
  • Trace the hands of each child in the family onto different colors of construction paper. Cut out.
  • Starting with the largest hands, layer smallest on top of largest, glue together.
  • Cut out a plump circle for the body and an oval for the head from brown construction paper. Glue on top of the smallest hand.
  • Cut out a small red heart for the gobbler and orange triangle for the beak, glue in place. Glue on wiggle eyes.
  • Print out the phrases below using Notepad, Word, Wordpad or similar word processing program, changing the name of the children and year if needed:
  • To Mommy & Daddy with Love
  • from TJ & Dominic on Thanksgiving 2011
  • We will never be this size again
  • keep this picture to remember when
  • Cut out poems, glue first one to the top of the green construction paper and the second one to the bottom, or just use the bottom poem if you like.