Print Project

Bug Village

Author: Amanda Formaro


  • sticks in various sizes
  • acorn tops
  • smooth rocks in different sizes
  • hot glue gun parents must do this!
  • square or rectangular scrap of wood
  • matte acrylic spray sealer
  • small woodsie sign
  • black fine tip craft pen

For Natural

  • wiggle eyes

For Colorful

  • toothpick
  • paintbrush
  • household sponge
  • acrylic paint in forest green, olive green, light brown, cream, light blue, light green, red, blue, orange, yellow, pink, purple, black, and white



  • Begin by making sure the ends of the sticks are fairly flat. You can do this by simply pushing the ends against the sidewalk. Use hot glue gun to attach the sticks to the block of wood, then glue the acorn tops to the top of each stick. Wash all the rocks and be sure they are dry before gluing on wiggle eyes. Glue the rocks to the wood in various places. Write the words “Bug Village” on a small woodsie sign (recycle cereal box cardboard works great too!) and glue to the front of the piece of wood as shown in photo.


  • Paint the block of wood with forest green paint. When dry, sponge on some olive green paint to the forest green. Paint the sticks with light brown paint. Paint some of the acorn tops with light blue and the rest with light green. Glue the sticks to the wood, then glue the acorn tops to the sticks.
  • Wash all the rocks and be sure they are dry before you paint them. use various colors to paint the rocks: blue, red, purple, pink, green, etc. Use the stylus or toothpick to dot on spots and/or lines to your bugs. Dot on white spots for eyes, and a smaller black dot onto the white spot. Glue rocks in place when they are dry.
  • Create a sign by painting a small woodsie sign with cream paint, then shade the edges with light brown. Use black fine tip craft pen to write “Welcome to Bug Village” in the center.