Print Project

Cardboard Tube Cow: The Farm Series

Author: Amanda Formaro


  • Cardboard tube cut to about 3"
  • Acrylic paint: pink white, and black
  • 2 white chenille stems
  • Spouncer round sponge applicator
  • Scissors
  • White craft glue or glue gun
  • Black Sharpie marker


  • Paint the tube inside and out with white paint and let it dry.
  • Paint a pink oval on the front for the nose.
  • Use a small round sponge applicator to add black splotches. Just dip it in black paint then press, twirl, spread, whatever you want, to get the effect of splotches. Dip the handle end of a paintbrush into black paint and add the nostrils. You can also use a Sharpie for this step.
  • Cut 2 1/2" off of each white chenille stem. Set the long pieces aside and make the ears from the two shorter pieces. Just coil one end and leave a little bit of it straight.
  • Glue the ears in the top of the tube, the straight piece goes on the inside of the tube.
  • Cut the two longer pieces in half so that you have 4 pieces. Coil those around the handle of a small paintbrush and glue them inside the bottom of the tube for the legs.
  • Use a Sharpie to add eyes, eyebrows and a smile.