Print Project

3D Tissue Paper Shamrock

Author: Amanda Formaro


  • green construction paper card stock or poster board
  • school glue or white craft glue
  • green tissue paper or party streamers
  • scissors


  • Draw a shamrock shape (draw three hearts with a stem) onto a sheet of green construction paper. Cut out.
  • Rip or cut up the green tissue paper into small bits, about 1 inch square.
  • For younger children, have them crumple up the bits of tissue paper. Put a little glue into a glue pot or margarine lid for each child. Have each child dip one of the crumpled bits of tissue paper into the glue, and place on the cut out shamrock shape. Alternatively, you can put a layer of glue directly on the shamrock shape, one shamrock leaf at a time. This method creates less mess than dipping individual pieces into the glue.
  • For older kids, using a pencil with a new eraser, place the eraser in the center of the tissue paper square. Twist the tissue paper around the eraser and then press the eraser onto the construction paper. Lift the pencil out of the tissue paper, leaving it on the shamrock.
  • Continue until the shamrock shape is full of tissue. Glue a piece of yarn, string or ribbon to the back to hang your shamrock.