Print Project

Distressed Eat Sign

Author: Amanda Formaro


E =

  • Turner’s Yellow
  • Aspen Green
  • Vintage White

A +

  • True Burgundy
  • Vintage White
  • Coffee Bean

T =

  • Aqua
  • Terra Cotta
  • Vintage White


  • The first step was to put on my first layer for each section. No perfection required here, just squeeze some paint out of the tube and spread it on with a paintbrush.
  • Next was the second coat, which needs to be a contrasting color. Because I wanted my sign to end up as light, dark, light, I also had to start that way. Therefore, the second layer was dark, light, dark, from left to right. Just dry brush it on, leaving some parts uncovered or not covered as heavily.
  • Now that there are two layers on each section, you will want to let it dry a bit so you can sand it. In case you are wondering why I used a reversed stencil technique here, it’s because I wanted to preserve the colors you see above in the actual letters, just like in the Pier 1 sign.
  • Now it’s time for the final coat on each section. I decided to use a piece of folded paper towel to apply the last coat.
  • After getting all the top coats on I let it dry for a bit.
  • I removed the vinyl lettering and used a sander with a fine grit sandpaper to go over everything, pushing harder in some areas more than others. I also sanded all the edges and corners. I used a soft brush to get all the dust off.
  • Then I gave it a couple of coats of Krylon Matte Finish sealer.To attach the old tarnished silverware (found at a thrift store) I used model glue.