Print Project

Thanksgiving Handprint Tree Craft

Author: Amanda Formaro


  • Construction paper: red orange, yellow, green, brown
  • Cork bulletin board or poster board
  • Pen
  • Tree template
  • Glue stick or thumbtacks
  • Paint for border of bulletin board optional
  • White paper to cover cork optional


  • This first step is optional. I painted the border of my bulletin board with brown paint and covered the cork with white paper because the cork was pretty well used. Again, completely optional.
  • Trace children's hands on sheets of red, orange, green and yellow construction paper. Have kids right what they are thankful for on one side, and write their names and the year on the back side.
  • Cut the tree from brown paper using the template. If you covered your cork with paper or if you used poster board, use a glue stick to attach the tree. If you are using a plain cork board, use thumbtacks to attach the tree.
  • Use glue stick or thumbtacks to attach the hands to the tree.
  • Use a piece of yellow construction paper as a border and a smaller piece of white paper glued on top of it, then write your family surname and "Kid's Thanksgiving Tree" (i.e. Formaro Kid's Thanksgiving Tree) with a black marker (see picture). Attach to the top of the bulletin board with glue stick.
  • Display for everyone to see!