Print Project

Clothespin Art Center

Author: Amanda Formaro


  • 6 wooden clothespins
  • 24 " x 4" wood slat
  • coloring pages
  • crayons
  • white glue
  • water
  • scissors


  • Remove the wrapper from 6 different colored crayons. I used a craft knife to cut along the seam and remove them. They will be very cylindrical, so you'll need to flatten them. I ironed mine, but you could also press them in a heavy book overnight.
  • Place clothespin on top of the crayon wrapper, use a pencil to draw a faint line. Cut the crayon wrapper so that it's just slightly smaller than the surface of the clothespin.
  • Mix some white glue and water together to make a decoupage mixture, then decoupage the wrapper to the clothespin.
  • Glue the clothespins to the wooden plank, you want about 2/3 of the clothespin on the plank, spacing them apart evenly.
  • Have the kids color some printables or coloring book pages. Make sure they color the background too! Cut them out, decoupage them onto the plank, only painting the back of the colored decals at this point. Don't decoupage over the tops just yet.
  • Use a crayon to shade in the background, use a secondary color as well, if you wish. I used blue with touches of yellow at the top since my pictures were related to water and nature. Choose another color (I used red) to outline the border of the plank. Decoupage over the top of everything, smooth any bubbles that may pop up on your "decals".
  • Cut a piece of denim to create a border for the plank. Place the plank on top of it to get an idea for the size you need to cut, mark with a pencil, then cut. Cut two strips of denim, about an inch wide, lay them across the front of the plank. Once you have them where you want them, loosely tie a knot at the top.
  • Place the ends of the strips under the plank. Once everything is positioned, trim anything that needs trimming, then cover the back of the plank with white glue. Press down onto the denim and let dry. Adjust the knot at the top, tie into a bow and trim ends.