Print Project

Bleached Burlap Vintage Jewelry Luminaries


  • Recycled glass jars washed, labels removed
  • Burlap
  • Bleach
  • Water
  • Twine
  • Hot glue gun
  • Vintage jewelry clip on earrings, necklace charms, bracelets, etc
  • Old towel
  • Extra jar or glass bowl


  • Fill a jar or glass bowl half full with bleach. Fil remaining half with water.
  • Cut burlap into strips long enough to wrap around your votive jars. Dip burlap strips into bleach mixture and hold in bleach for 10-15 second. Place bleach burlap on old towel and continue with remaining strips.
  • After all strips have been dipped in bleach, rinse strips in clean water. Allow to dry flat on towel.
  • Hot glue burlap strips around clean jars. Wrap twine around jars twice and hot glue in place.
  • Remove any unnecessary parts from the jewelry such as clip ons from earrings etc. Hot glue jewelry to the twine and burlap.
  • Add a tea light candle to the jar.


Use plastic gloves when dipping burlap in bleach to protect your skin.