Print Project

Painted Wood Penguins


  • Wood Snowman Cut Outs
  • Black fine point marker
  • DuraClear Varnish - Matte

Craft Smart Paint

  • Black
  • White
  • Pool Blue
  • Apple Tart
  • Purple
  • Bright Magenta
  • Orange


  • Paint each snowman cutout with 2 coats of White paint.
  • Use Black to paint the penguin outline, creating a heart shape for the face and outlining the “belly”. Paint arms.
  • Use Bright Magenta to paint on simple bow ties.
  • Paint hats with Pool Blue, Apple Tart and Purple.
  • Paint hat bands with Black.
  • Paint beaks with Orange.
  • Use a brand new pencil eraser to dot on buttons using Pool Blue, Apple Tart and Purple to match their hats.
  • Use the handle end of a paintbrush to dot on eyes with Black.
  • Use a toothpick to add a small dot on the eyes with White. Do this for the buttons as well.
  • Add a white snowflake to each hat. Use a toothpick to make one dot in the center, draw six lines out from the center like a flower then add a dot to the end of each line. Finally, add a dot in between each line.
  • Add eyebrows with a black fine point marker.