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Snowman Belly Jars


For each jar you will need:

  • Glass jar
  • Crystal Gloss Enamel paint: white or Crystal and 3 other colors of your choice
  • 3 D Gloss Enamel Writer paint in the same colors as you chose above


Using Crystal Gloss Enamels:

  • Paint jar with White or Crystal and allow to dry.
  • Paint mittens.
  • Paint button circles.
  • Paint scarf.

Using 3D Gloss Enamel Writers

  • Outline mittens with matching color.
  • Outline buttons with matching color.
  • Outline scarf with matching color.
  • Use Crystal or White to add a few snowflakes to jar.
  • Allow everything to dry completely before using. These can be baked on for a permanent finish, follow directions on the bottle.