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Father’s Day Hero Stones

These painted rocks are ideal for Father's Day! Create these stones that come with their own case and make great paperweights!
Prep Time5 mins
Crafting Time25 mins
Total Time30 mins


  • Small wooden crate
  • 6 smooth stones
  • Black and white acrylic paint
  • Paint pens or colored Sharpies
  • Sandpaper
  • Acrylic sealer matte or satin finish


  • Paint the stones black and let dry completely. When dry, paint a circle on the stone with white paint. You will probably need 2-3 coats to cover; allow to dry between coats.
  • Sand the wooden crate and paint it black. When dry, sand the edges to expose the wood underneath. Use a white paint pen to write "my dad is…" across the front on both sides.
  • Use colored paint pens to write the following words in the white circle of the stones: strong, brave, smart, loving, honorable, my hero.
  • Use black paint pen to add small dots all around the inside edge of the white circles.
  • Allow everything to dry for several hours. Sharpies will run when sprayed with sealer if not allowed to dry completely so be sure not to skimp on this step!
  • Spray the crate and the stones with acrylic sealer. When dry, apply a second coat.


Use smooth stones you find outside, or you can purchase them near the floral department at your local craft store.