Print Project

Camp Crafts: Twig Name Plate


  • 8 ” x 10” piece of cardboard
  • twigs
  • dried pasta noodles
  • white craft glue
  • instant grab fast drying glue
  • twine or hemp
  • scissors


  • Starting an inch or so from the edge of the cardboard, use white craft glue to write your name.
  • Place pasta noodles into the glue. Smaller noodles work great for smaller lettering or for letters with several curves (R, S, B, etc). Large noodles are good for basic letters. Use a combination of different noodles for a fun effect!
  • Place twigs around the border of the cardboard, breaking twigs into smaller pieces to make them fit, if needed. Pay attention to the curves in the twigs and be sure that there’s enough of the twig that will be flush with the cardboard. Once you have the placement you want, use instant grab glue to attach them to the cardboard. White craft glue can be used as an alternative but will require a longer drying time.
  • Use a pen to poke a hole in the cardboard at the top left and right corners, below the twig border. Use pen to poke the ends of a piece of twine through the holes and bring around the back and tie. Trim ends.


Optional: If you prefer the less rustic look, you can paint the pasta noodles and the twigs and cover the cardboard with construction paper or fabric.