Print Project

3D Explore Sign for Kids


  • 3 paint stir sticks
  • Hot glue gun
  • 3 mini craft sticks
  • White craft glue
  • Americana 3D Writer or Puffy Paint
  • Acrylic paint: yellow red, blue, green
  • Black fine point marker
  • Scrap strip of denim or fabric


  • Hot glue the paint sticks together to create the base for your sign.
  • Use white glue to attach 3 mini craft sticks to the back of your 'sign" to add some reenforcement.
  • Use a pen or pencil to write "explore" across the front of the sign. Trace the word with 3D paint. Allow to dry for several hours.
  • Paint the sign and the letters with yellow paint. Repeat for another coat if needed.
  • Use your child's fingerprints to create bugs in red, green and blue. Add legs and antennae with a black marker.


Instead of puffy paint you can write the letters with hot glue. 3D or puffy paint will give you more control when you write.