Print Project

Hunger Games Book Page Charms


  • Podgeable shapes rectangle and oval
  • Decoupage medium
  • Hunger Games book page or print out ours
  • Additional charms such as a key and/or bird
  • Jump rings


  • Print out our examples or make a photocopy of the section in your book you would like to use. You may need to adjust the print size to fit your shapes. Position the clear podgeable shape over the section to want to display and trace around the podgeable with a pen.
  • Cut out the shape, trimming inside your trace line to make it a little smaller. You can also trim that book page print out a bit smaller yet and attach it to colored scrapbook paper as I did with the rectangle charm. This will give it a border.
  • Apply decoupage medium to the back of the podgeable and press it firmly onto the book page cut-out. make sure it's positioned the way that you want, then add a layer of decoupage medium to the back and allow to dry.
  • Use jump rings to embellish book page charms with bird or key.
  • Use these charms on a necklace or keychain!