Print Project

Tropical Paper Flowers

These bright and beautiful tropical paper flowers are made from scrapbook paper and card stock. I was inspired by the gorgeous tropical flowers in warm weather climates.


  • Card stock in bright colors orange, red, bright green, turquoise, yellow
  • Scrapbook paper in colors that compliment card stock colors
  • Flower pattern
  • 5 green pipe cleaners 1 per flower
  • 15 pony beads 3 per flower
  • 5 yellow pipe cleaners (1 per flower) cut into thirds
  • Glue stick
  • Glue dots
  • Hot glue gun


  • Print out pattern. Use the larger template to cut out card stock pieces. Use the smaller template to cut out scrapbook paper pieces.
  • Use glue stick to attach the small scrapbook paper flower to the larger card stock flower.
  • Roll the flower up tight, spread the top out as if you were forming a cone shape. Seal cone shape with a glue dot. Wrap each flower petal around a paintbrush or a pen to curl them.
  • Thread a pony bead onto a one of the short yellow pipe cleaners and bend at the top to close it around the bead. Repeat this for a total of three. Wrap the ends together with the end of a green pipe cleaner to attach them all together. Poke the end of the green pipe cleaner down into the center of the flower. Hot glue in place.