Print Project

Mosaic Wine Bottle


  • Empty wine bottle labels removed, washed and dried
  • Scrapbook paper in two different patterns
  • Americana Crystal Gloss Enamel paint Pink
  • Gloss Mod Podge


  • Choose a color paint that coordinates with your scrapbook paper. I chose Crystal Gloss Enamels because they dry where you can see through them.
  • Paint the bottle with one even coat of Crystal Gloss Enamel paint. Set aside to dry.
  • Cut scrapbook paper into 1-inch squares. To make the paper easier to apply, dip it into water and place on a paper towel. Moistening the paper will soften it up, allowing it to "grab" the curve of the bottle.
  • Apply Mod Podge to a small section of the bottle. Paint a small amount of Mod Podge to the back of a scrapbook square and press onto the bottle. Repeat all over the bottle, varying the different patterned papers randomly.
  • When all papers have been applied to the bottle, use Mod Podge to give the entire thing a generous (but not dripping) top coat.
  • Allow bottle to dry completely.