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Painted Mason Jar Drinking Glasses

These pretty Painted Mason Jars make for great drinking glasses! This kid-friendly craft is quick and simple to do over the weekend
Prep Time40 mins
Crafting Time4 d
Total Time4 d 40 mins
Age Group: Adult


  • Glass wide mouth mason jars mine are quart size
  • Paintbrush

Crystal Gloss Enamels:

  • Pink
  • Turquoise
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Yellow
  • Citron


  • Once your jars are nice and clean, paint a coat of Citron (green) onto the body of the jar, up to about the spot where the glass begins to curve.
  • You don't want to paint too high, in order to leave room for the flowers. But more importantly, while this paint is non-toxic, it is not approved by the FDA to touch food. So you don't want to paint the rims where your lips will touch the jar.
  • Use the handle end of your paintbrush dipped in the different colored enamels and dot on flowers. Couldn't be easier! Use a different color to dot on the centers. You may notice the petals dripping a little. If they do, just "draw" circles with your paintbrush handle in the petal to spread it around a little. You can also turn the jars upside down for five minutes then right side up for five minutes, and alternate now and then to keep gravity confused. ;-)
  • This step is important. Now that you are done painting, the paint needs to cure for FOUR DAYS. Just put them somewhere where they won't be bothered.
  • After the four day curing period, follow the instructions on the back of the paint bottle for baking them. Then you are good to go!


You will need 4 days drying time for this project, so please be sure to plan ahead!