Print Project

Mosaic Penguin


  • 1 sheet light blue construction paper
  • Construction paper: black white, orange, and red
  • Pen
  • Glue stick
  • Black marker
  • Pattern


  • Place pattern on top of the light blue construction paper and trace it with a pen. This will create an indent in the blue paper.Add a simple line behind the penguin's body, just a few inches above the penguin's foot. This is the land.
  • Tear white and black construction paper into strips, and then tear the strips into squares.
  • Remove pattern. Apply glue with glue stick to small areas of the blue paper, using the indentations as a guide. Start with the "land" area first, pressing white paper scraps in place.
  • Still working in small areas (so that your glue doesn't dry before you get to it) press on all the black paper areas. Finish with the white area in the center of the penguin.
  • Tear or cut out a triangle beak from the orange paper and glue on to the face. Use black marker to add two eyes and eyebrows. Tear or cut out a bow tie from red paper and glue in place under the beak.