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Clothespin Crafts: Hungry Fish

Lately I’ve been making a lot of clothespin crafts. These cute hungry fish are fun to make and great to play with too! The kids will love them.
Age Group: Kids Crafts


  • 4 wooden clothespins
  • Colorful scrapbook papers
  • Fish pattern
  • 4 googly eyes
  • Tools: hot glue gun scissors


  • Print the patterns and use them to cut fish from scrapbook paper.
  • Cut each fish in half horizontally, from tail to nose.
  • Lay clothespins on their sides.
  • Glue the top half of the fish to the upper half of the clothespin.
  • Glue the bottom half of the fish to the lower half of the clothespin.
  • Glue on googly eyes.


You can use white craft glue, hot glue is just faster.
I glued my clothespins so that the fish mouths would remain open for the photographs. This is a fun toy that your kids can play with. Open and close the mouth by squeezing the clothespin open and closed.