Print Project

Cardboard Tube Polar Bear


  • 4- inch cardboard tube
  • 1 sheet white construction paper
  • Black marker
  • Pink crayon
  • 2 googly eyes
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • White craft glue


  • Trim the white construction paper to fit around the cardboard tube. Use a glue stick to cover the cardboard tube with white construction paper.
  • Using the pattern provided cut out paws from white construction paper and color in the paw pads with a black marker.
  • Use glue stick to attach the paws to the front of the cardboard tube.
  • Color in the nose pattern with black marker and glue it to the cardboard tube. Use a pink crayon to add rosy cheeks. Glue the googly eyes to the bear and use a marker to add a smile and eyebrows.
  • Cut the ears from white construction paper and glue to the inside of the cardboard tube.


You can use ordinary white copy/printer paper for this instead of construction paper. Construction paper is thicker and not as translucent, so it will cover the dark cardboard tube better.