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Paper Plate Paddington Bear


  • 1 paper plate
  • Paint: honey brown tan, brown, black, white
  • Black marker
  • Plastic fork
  • Red and blue construction paper
  • 2 blue buttons
  • Tools: paintbrush old toothbrush, scissors, glue
  • Patterns


  • Turn the paper plate upside down.
  • Paint the back of the paper plate with honey brown paint.
  • When dry, paint a circle with tan paint.
  • Use tan paint to drag the top of the circle higher, like a pear shape.
  • Paint an almond shape for the eyes with white paint.
  • When dry, use the handle end of a paintbrush dipped in brown paint to add the circles for the eyes.
  • Paint the nose using black paint in the shape of a bean.
  • Add nostrils and center of the nose.
  • When eyes are dry dry, use the handle end of a paintbrush to dot black onto the brown.
  • Paint eye lids using honey brown.
  • Add a smile with black marker.
  • To add the details to look like fur, first paint some more honey brown onto the face so that the paint is white.
  • Dip the tines of the plastic fork into brown paint and drag them through the honey brown.
  • Continue this process all around the face.
  • Use the patterns to cut the hat pieces from red paper, and the coat pieces from blue paper.
  • Use a toothbrush dipped in white paint to add snow to the red hat.
  • Glue the hat pieces together and trim any excess.
  • Note: you may need to trim the hat more to make it fit the paper plate properly.
  • Glue the hat to the top of the bear’s head.
  • Assemble the coat and glue the buttons in place.


Instead of painting the eyes, younger kids can glue on googly eyes.