Print Project

CD Olaf Craft from Frozen


  • Recycled CD/DVD
  • White and brown felt
  • Glitter puffy paint or writer paint: black white, orange
  • Olaf pattern
  • Tools: white craft glue scissors, pen


  • Trace CD onto white felt. Cut out the felt circle and glue it to the CD.
  • Print the pattern and cut out the smile. Trace around the smile onto the white felt. Use black glitter paint to draw the smile and fill it in, leaving the tooth untouched.
  • Cut the eyes and nose from the pattern and trace in onto the felt above the smile. Use orange glitter paint to draw and fill in the nose. Do the eyes, pupils and eyebrows with black. Fill in the tooth, the eyes and the center dot on the pupils with white glitter paint.
  • Cut a few strands of hair out of brown felt, leaving a little tab at the bottom. Add white glue to the tab and stick it the back of the CD.
  • Let the paint dry for a full 24 hours. In some cases, 48 hours may be needed.


I used a glitter paint called Craft Twinkles which is available from most craft stores. You can use any glitter paint you want, just look for the kind that have a writer tip on them.