Print Project

Little Pom Pom Sheep


  • 1 large colorful pom pom
  • 1 medium black pom pom
  • 6 small black pom poms
  • 2 small googly eyes
  • Tools: white craft glue tweezers


  • Glue the medium black pom pom to the large colorful pom pom.
  • Glue four of the small black pom poms onto the bottom of the large colorful pom poms for the feet.
  • Glue the googly eyes to the medium black pom poms; use tweezers if needed. Adults have larger fingers and may find it easier to use the tweezers, while children will be able to easily work with the eyes without them. Glue the last two small black pom poms to either side of the medium pom pom for the ears.