Print Project

End of the Rainbow Loot Buckets


  • Green paper cup
  • Rainbow duct tape
  • 3 large green sequins
  • 1 medium green sequin
  • Glue dot
  • Treats to fill the cup such as individually wrapped butterscotch discs, Rolos® or Werthers® candies


  • To create the handle for your treat cup, measure and cut a 10-inch long piece of rainbow duct tape.
  • Fold the length of the tape by one-third onto itself, leaving one-third of the sticky side showing.
  • Fold the sticky third down onto the first fold of tape so that no sticky tape remains.
  • Cut a small strip of tape and attach it to one end of the handle. Repeat at the other end.
  • Stick the handle inside the cup on both sides.
  • Cut another small strip of tape and roll it up, sticky side facing out. Put the three large sequins together to form a clover shape. Place the rolled tape in the center of all three to hold them all together.
  • Stick the rolled tape side to one side of the handle on the cup.
  • Press the medium sized sequin onto a glue dot and pick it up, then press it to the center of the clover. Fill your cups with toys, trinkets, candy and whatever loot you desire!