Print Project

Make a Robot from a Cereal Box


  • Cereal box
  • Something for weight old towel, bag of dried beans, newspaper, etc
  • Aluminum foil
  • paper towel tube
  • 2 vegetable or soup cans legs
  • 1 large can head
  • Various plastic and metal lids
  • 2 bottle caps
  • metal nut
  • 2 silver pipe cleaners
  • White paper
  • Black marker
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Craft knife


  • To give the robot’s body some weight, first you’ll want to put something inside the cereal box. I used an old sweatshirt. An old towel, a bag of dried beans, lots of wadded up newspaper, anything like that will work.
  • Wrap the cereal box in aluminum foil and use tape to secure.
  • Use a craft knife to carve holes in the side of the box for the arms.
  • Cut the paper towel tube in half and wrap both halves in aluminum foil.
  • Insert the tubes into the sides of the cereal box.
  • Wrap each of the cans in aluminum foil.
  • Use various lids to decorate the front of the cereal box.
  • Glue lids onto the large can for eyes; then glue bottle caps to the lids for the pupils.
  • Glue a metal nut on as the nose.
  • Draw several lines onto white paper, then draw a single line through those lines. Use scissors to cut mouth from the lined paper and tape to the tin can.
  • Wrap silver pipe cleaner around a pencil, then glue inside the large can.
  • Glue the head and legs to the cereal box to complete your robot.