Print Project

Boho Chic Doily Dreamcatcher


  • Embroidery hoop mine is 18-inches in diameter
  • Doily should be an inch or two smaller than the hoop
  • Lace ribbon
  • Beads or pearls
  • Yarn
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun

Optional tools:

  • Thumbtack
  • Foam core board or cork board
  • Glue gun finger caps


  • I suggest using a piece of foam core or cork, something that a thumb tack can be pushed into. This is handy for holding your doily in place while you work.
  • Place doily in the center of the core board and push thumb tack into the center (mine is a button thumb tack, not just a button). Place the embroidery hoop over the top of the doily so it’s in the center.
  • Gently stretch the doily to the left and the right and glue over the edges of the embroidery hoop.
  • Now stretch the top and bottom in the same fashion so that you have glued the top, bottom and both sides.
  • Continue stretching the rest of the doily over the embroidery hoop edges until it is completely covered. Remove the thumb tack.
  • Place the outer ring of the embroidery hoop over the inner hoop/doily and tighten.
  • Choose lace, or in my case some tassel fringe, and glue it around the outer edge of the embroidery hoop.
  • Cut lace ribbon into different lengths. Glue strips of lace ribbon from the bottom of the dreamcatcher.
  • Using finger caps will protect your fingers from hot glue burns. Use them to glue the ribbon in place and hold it in place until it dries.
  • To make tassels, wrap yarn around four fingers several times.
  • Slide it off your hand and tie a piece of yarn around the bunch.
  • Cut through one side of the loop to crate the fringed tassel.
  • Tie the tassel to a piece of twine and glue in in place with the lace ribbon.
  • Glue beads or pearls over the ribbon edges along the bottom of the hoop.
  • Hang with command strips or by hanging on a nail.