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Mason Jar Football Centerpiece

Put yourself in the game day spirit with these Mason Jar Football Centerpieces. This is an easy craft and great for a game day party!
Age Group: Adult Crafts
Project Type: Mason Jar Crafts


  • Mason jars
  • White duct tape
  • Card stock green and brown, and your team colors
  • Wood skewers or dowels
  • Floral foam or styrofoam
  • Self-healing cutting mat
  • Craft knife
  • White paint pen or white colored pencil


  • Measure out a 16-inch piece of white duct tape on your cutting mat. Cut that piece into four 4-inch long pieces. Cut each 4-inch long piece into 6 strips.
  • NOTE: I made 12 jars. You need five skinny strips for each jar. You get six skinny strips from each 4-inch piece of tape. So just figure ONE 4-inch strip of duct tape per jar.
  • Each jar has a seam. Look for it and place one of those long skinny strips along one seam, turn the jar over and repeat.
  • Now, cut the remaining strips on the cutting mat into one-inch pieces. Use your craft knife to lift a corner and place it on to the jar for the football stitches. You need 6 stitches on each strip, so 12 1-inch stitches on each jar.
  • Cut a piece of brown card stock so that when rolled up it fits inside your jar.
  • You can decorate your flags however you like. Our team is called The Panthers, and a paw print is our insignia.
  • Cut pennant triangles from card stock to make your flags. Decorate both sides.
  • To attach your pennant flags to your skewers, cut 1-inch long strips of duct tape and attach to the end of the flag, three on each.
  • Line the skewer up with the tape, turn the flag over then wrap the tape around the skewer and stick to the other side of the flag.
  • The last couple of steps are to insert the flag poles into floral foam and put them inside the jars.
  • To make the little football field mats that the jars sit on, simply cut green card stock into 6-inch squares, use a white paint pen and a ruler to draw lines across the card stock at one-inch intervals, then add four small lines in between each large line.