colorful pom pom ornaments
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Pom Pom Ornaments

Pom poms make this a colorful project and the tacky glue helps to make it easy to assemble with low mess. A great craft for kids to make as gifts or to hang on the Christmas tree.
Prep Time30 mins
Drying Time30 mins
Total Time1 hr
Age Group: Kids Crafts
Project Type: Christmas
Makes: 1 ornament


  • White tacky glue
  • Styrofoam ball
  • 12" long 1/4" wide ribbon
  • pom poms Assorted colors and sizes

Craft tools


  • Put a small amount of tacky glue on the paper plate or piece of tin foil.
  • Insert the wood skewer or the pointed end of the paintbrush into the craft foam ball. This is so you can hold the ball while adding poms. Kind of like a lollipop!
  • Plan the design. Kids can mix all sorts of colors or plan a design creating stripes or other designs with specific colored pom poms.
  • Glue on pom poms. Dip one pom pom in the tacky glue and then press on to the ball. Continue to dip/add pom poms tucking the poms close together so you don't see the ball underneath. 
  • Add the Ribbon Loop.  First, create the ribbon loop for hanging by folding your ribbon in half and tying the 2 ends together. Next with the ribbon still folded, position the end of the ribbon loop in the pom poms so that the end with the knot is at the top (see photo). Push the straight pin through the ribbon and into the foam ball. If you want, you can secure the pin with a dab of glue.
  • Let Dry. Gently rest the ornament on a covered work surface. Allow at least 1/2 hour to dry (the paper mache ornament will dry faster than the foam ball).


  • If you are using a paper mache ball, you will need to hold the ball instead of using the skewer.
  • You can use white school glue instead of tacky glue.
  • If crafting with a group of kids, an adult can prepare steps 1-2 ahead of time and should help with step 5.
  • If using a paper mache ornament, the hanger should already be attached and you will be able to skip step 5.