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Mason Jar Lid Snowman

This mason jar lid snowman is an adorable holiday craft! Part rustic, part modern, it's different from any Christmas decor you can buy in a store.
Age Group: Adult Crafts
Project Type: Christmas
Author: Meaghan Mountford


  • mason jar lid bands 27 to 50*
  • regular-size mason jar lid without band
  • wide-mouth mason jar lid without band**
  • white spray paint
  • black spray paint
  • hot glue gun
  • twine or string
  • buttons 2 black and 1 orange***
  • mini wreath or other decor for the hat optional
  • strip of felt for the scarf
  • *For a smaller snowman choose 12 bands per level (either two or three "balls" of bands). You may add additional bands to each "ball" for a fuller-looking snowman.
  • **If you don't have a wider lid available use any plastic lid that's about the same size.
  • ***Rather than purchasing two sets of buttons you may also paint a black button orange.


  • First, spray paint your mason jar lid bands and lids. You will need at least 24 white bands if you choose to make each "ball" with 12 bands and choose to make only two. For a fuller snowman, add a few more bands at each level. For the black hat, you will need to paint the wider lid, one regular-size lid, and three bands. Let dry completely.
  • For each level, string at least 12 white bands on a piece of twine or string (for a fuller snowman, try 15 bands). All the bands should face in the same direction. Tightly tie a double knot and snip the ends of the string. Shuffle the bands so they are spread evenly in a circle.
  • Hot glue the black button eyes and orange button nose to two of the bands.
  • For the hat, hot glue a black, regular-size lid into a black band. Stack this band with two others using hot glue to secure. Hot glue the stack onto the wider black lid. Hot glue the entire hat onto one of your white band "balls." If desired, glue a wreath or other little decor to the hat.
  • Stack the snowman head onto another ball of white bands and secure with a bit of hot glue. Add a third ball of white bands if desired. Tie a strip of felt between the top two band balls for a scarf.