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How To Paint Wine Glasses - DIY Valentine's Day Wine Glasses

This how to paint wine glasses project makes a great Valentine's day gift packaged with a bottle of wine to keep, fill, and share with your own Valentine!
Age Group: Adult Crafts
Project Type: Valentine's Day
Author: Meaghan Mountford


  • wine glasses
  • rubbing alcohol or white vinegar
  • wax paper
  • blue painters tape
  • heart cookie cutter about 2-inches
  • marker
  • scissors
  • paint brushes and pencils with erasers
  • acrylic enamel paints


  • Wash the glasses and let them dry. Rub alcohol or vinegar on the surface to be sure it’s totally clean. Let dry.
  • Layer a couple strips of blue tape on wax paper until it's wider than your heart cookie cutter. Trace the heart on the blue tape with the marker and cut out. Peel off of the wax paper and stick the tape heart to the side of the glass. Make a heart for each glass you are painting.
  • Paint with the acrylic enamels. Make different size dots using the non-brush end of paint brushes. For larger dots, dip the eraser of a pencil in the paint. Make a mistake? Just wipe it off right away with a paper towel or Q-Tip. For best results, let each color dry before adding the next color.
  • Let the paint set and remove the blue tape. If any paint escaped into the heart area, use a Q-Tip to remove.
  • To cure, you may either let the glasses sit for 21 days before using OR place the glasses in the cold oven, turn it on to 350 degrees F for 30 minutes. Turn off the oven and open the door. Let the glasses cool completely in the oven before removing.