wine cork succulent planter magnets
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wine cork succulent planter magnets

These wine cork succulent magnets are colorful magnets made from recycled wine corks. These pretty little staples will compliment your fridge perfectly!
Age Group: craft
Author: Meaghan Mountford


  • wine corks
  • drill with size 5/16 bit
  • wrench
  • craft paint optional
  • paint brushes optional
  • blue painters tape optional
  • hot glue gun
  • 1/4- inch 6mm magnets
  • soil
  • small succulent pieces


  • Drill cavities in the wine corks first with the bit big enough to drill a cavity without crumbling the edges of the cork. A 5/16-inch bit used here. Hold the wine cork with the wrench and drill a hole in the center of the cork. Be sure to only drill about three quarters of the way down the cork. Shake out any of the cork dust.
  • Paint your corks and let the paint dry completely (optional).
  • Use the hot glue gun to glue two to three magnets on the side of the cork. Let set well.
  • Add your succulent and soil and adhere to a magnetic surface.