Light Bulb Angel Ornament
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Light Bulb Angel Ornament

Author: Amanda Formaro


  • burnt out light bulb
  • rubbing alcohol
  • acrylic paint in white pink, and flesh
  • gold cord or ribbon
  • gold craft wire
  • wire cutters
  • handful of tiny white silk flowers
  • gold scrap material
  • Fiberfil cotton batting
  • three plastic white or iridescent flowers
  • lace curtain remnant with a floral pattern
  • 1 pair white nylon angel wings
  • hot glue
  • scissors
  • black marker


  • Wipe bulb down with rubbing alcohol, this will help the paint adhere to the bulb. Let dry. Paint entire light bulb with white acrylic paint and let dry. Apply a second coat. If finish appears streaked, you can use a large paint brush or a sponge to blot on a “stucco” look. It is not necessary to paint the socket. Allow bulb to dry completely.
  • While bulb is drying, cut out two large flowers from the lace curtain and fashion a halo from craft wire (leave enough wire to wrap around the bulb socket).
  • When bulb is completely dry, wrap craft wire around bulb socket and manipulate wire upward so that halo is above the socket (head). Using gold fabric strip, glue in place all the way around the socket (almost at the end of the socket where it meets the bulb). Cover any remaining socket with Fiberfil. Prepare Fiberfil by taking small amount and rolling it between your hands to create “tubes”, glue in place. Above the gold band, one at a time, glue tiny silk flowers in place until entire socket is covered.
  • Carefully paint face area on with flesh colored paint. Fashion a small bow from gold ribbon or cord and glue to the front of the bulb, about halfway down where the round part begins. Carefully glue iridescent or white plastic flowers around the bow (as pictured). Use the two lace curtain flowers to create a shawl by starting up behind the angel’s neck and working your way frontward and around. Do this for both sides, overlap where needed.
  • Turn angel over in your hand, being careful not to put any pressure on the embellishments on the front, and glue angel wings to the back. Tie a loop in gold cord or ribbon and glue securely to the back of the angel just above the wings.
  • Use black marker to draw on eyes and mouth. Using a small paint brush, blot off excess pink paint onto paper towel. When all excess paint is off of the brush, carefully and gently blot on cheeks. Hang!