Print Project

Cardboard Tube Horse: The Farm Series

Author: Amanda Formaro


  • toilet paper tube
  • glue
  • scissors
  • chenille stems
  • paintbrush
  • Black Sharpie Marker


  • dark yellow


  • First cut off about an inch from the toilet paper tube. Paint the remaining tube, inside and out, with a dark yellow paint.
  • Take the one inch piece you cut off in the previous step and cut it in half lengthwise. From one half cut out two triangle ears. Paint the ears and the 1/2″ wide strip.
  • Fold the strip and glue together, then trim one end to create a rounded nose. Glue the triangle ears to the top, between the two layers.
  • Coil 5 tan chenille stems around a paintbrush and pull paintbrush out. 4 will be legs and the 5th is the neck.
  • Cut one white chenille stem into eight equal pieces. Pull one of the coiled tan chenille stems to stretch it a little. To create the mane, twist each white stem piece around a coil in the tan stem. Work your way all the way down the tan stem.
  • Glue the four coiled tan stems inside the cardboard tube as shown. Glue the neck piece (the one you added the white pieces to) inside the top part of the tube. Add a piece of white chenille on top of the head for the forelock an fold another white chenille stem in half for the tail, glue in place. Lastly, draw eyes and nostril on with black Sharpie marker. Glue head to the neck.