Print Project

Clothespin Airplanes: Snoopy and the Red Baron

Prep Time30 mins
Crafting Time30 mins
Total Time1 hr


  • 2 Jumbo craft sticks
  • 2 Miniature craft sticks
  • 2 Wooden clothespins
  • Paint: red and yellow
  • Paint pens: red white, blue, black
  • Tools: craft knife cutting mat, sandpaper, paintbrush, white craft glue


  • Cut the rounded ends off the jumbo craft sticks.
  • Cut the jumbo craft sticks in half.
  • Cut the ends off the miniature craft sticks.
  • Cut the miniature craft sticks in half.
  • Use your craft knife to round the end of one of the miniature craft stick halves. Repeat for the second one.
  • After rounding the end, cut that piece in half, keeping only the rounded half. Repeat for the second one.
  • For each airplane you should now have - wooden clothespin, two large pieces for the wings, one small piece for the horizon tail, and the rounded piece for the vertical tail.
  • Sand the edges of each cut piece.
  • Paint the pieces for one plane yellow and the pieces for the other plane red.
  • Use paint pens to add details to the wings and vertical tails.
  • To assemble, place one of the wings upside down so that the emblems are facing downward. Add a line of white craft glue to the center of the wing. Place the clothespin into the glue.
  • Place a line of white craft glue on top of the clothespin and place the second wing onto it, emblems facing up.
  • Glue the horizontal tail piece to the back of the clothespin.
  • Glue the vertical tail piece to the horizontal tail piece.
  • Repeat these steps for the second plane.
  • Allow everything to dry completely.