Print Project

Heart Photo Magnets


  • Wooden hearts
  • Photos printed on paper
  • Decoupage medium
  • Red paint
  • Sealer spray
  • Scissors


  • Before you do anything else, print out your photos and adjust them to fit on your wooden hearts. Place the heart over the photo and trace the heart shape.
  • Now you can paint the hearts with Burgundy Wine and set them aside to dry.
  • Meanwhile, spray the front AND back of the photos. You can see I didn’t bother spraying the entire sheet, just the area with the photos.
  • Let the sealer dry for about 15-20 minutes. Using sharp scissors so you get a clean cut, cut out the heart shape, cutting inside your tracing lines. You may need to trim the photos more to fit on the wooden hearts.
  • Paint a thin layer of decoupage medium onto the red hearts.
  • Paint a thin layer of decoupage medium onto the back of the photos. They may curl up on you…
  • Just carefully flatten them out and let the decoupage medium dry, it will only take about a minute. What you’ve done is prepped your paper and your surface which will help avoid bubbles and wrinkles.
  • Paint more decoupage medium onto the heart and place the photo on top of it.
  • You’ll have a few seconds to get them positioned before the decoupage medium begins to dry. Be sure to smooth the photos out and make sure there’s no air underneath.
  • Paint a generous, but not dripping layer of decoupage medium over the photo and all the edges.
  • Let the decoupage medium dry, it will dry clear.
  • When dry, turn the hearts over and attach a magnet using a “dollop” of decoupage medium. Let the magnets dry before using.