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Glove Turkey

Author: Amanda Formaro


  • 2 brown knit gloves
  • berries from silk plant
  • 3 " wooden heart
  • acrylic paint: white black, and orange
  • felt: goldenrod red, tan, and white
  • Poly batting stuffing
  • scissors
  • paintbrush
  • hot glue gun
  • rubber band
  • patterns


  • Stuff one of the gloves with poly batting, fill the fingers and half of the palm.
  • Cut the four fingers off the second glove, leave the thumb intact. Set the finger pieces aside for a later step. Hot glue the finger openings closed. Stuff the thumb and half of the palm with poly batting.
  • Paint the wooden heart orange and set aside to dry.
  • Insert the glove with only the thumb inside the fully intact glove. The thumb should be sticking out for the head of the turkey. You will need to maneuver the poly batting around until you have a plump body, add more poly batting if needed. The fingers (tail) will be sticking straight out.
  • Once you have the body stuffed and plumped, and the thumb is sticking out, you will need to raise the fingers (tail) up so that the are stuck to the body and stand up. To do this, cup the turkey in your hand and press the stuffed fingers towards the body, like you are cupping a ball in your hand. Apply some hot glue at the bends in the fingers so that they will stick to the body of the glove. Wrap a rubber band around the turkey so that the fingers will have time to dry. Set aside.
  • While that is setting up, build the wreath around the neck, which should be the wrist cuff of the outer glove. Hot glue silk or plastic berries around the neck to form a festive wreath.
  • Glue the body to the orange heart (feet), rounded ends of the heart should be at the front of the turkey.
  • Take two of the cut fingers that you set aside earlier, these will be the wings. Fold in half, tack with hot glue to keep folded. Glue cut edge to the side of the turkey so that the rounded end of the cut finger is showing on the outside. Repeat on the other side. Save the other two fingers for scrap material on another project.
  • To add facial features, begin by gluing on the whites of the eyes. Use the handle end of a paintbrush to add blacks of eyes. Next add the eyebrows, then the waddle and lastly the beak. Finally, dot white on to blacks of the eyes.
  • Remove the rubber band.