Print Project

Fall Leaf Finger Puppets



  • cardboard tubes
  • pebbles or bark
  • leaves
  • twigs
  • wiggle eyes


  • cardboard tubes
  • buttons
  • chenille stem
  • construction paper
  • silk leaves
  • wiggle eyes


  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • hot glue gun
  • Natural Puppets


  • Begin by hot gluing the leaf to the top of the cardboard tube for the head. Next, hot glue the twigs to the sides of the tube for the arms.
  • Hot glue pebbles or small pieces of bark to the front of the tube for buttons. Finally, add wiggle eyes to the leaf head.

Synthetic Puppets

  • First use a glue stick to cover the cardboard tube with construction paper.
  • Next, hot glue a silk leaf to the top of the cardboard tube. Glue on buttons and wiggle eyes and add chenille stems for the arms.