Print Project

Stick Tree Silhouette

Prep Time1 hr
Crafting Time2 hrs
Total Time3 hrs


  • Americana acrylic paint – Snow White or spray paint if you prefer
  • Twigs from the backyard
  • 43 craft sticks
  • Tools: Sponge applicator white craft glue, hot glue gun


  • After choosing my twigs and breaking off any stray pieces, I used my sponge applicator to apply the paint. You could certainly use spray paint instead!
  • To create the fence line up two craft sticks, end to end. Next run some white craft glue along the full length of a third craft stick, and pressed it onto the other two, lining it up in the center of the two.
  • Basically, that third craft stick holds the first two together. All in all, each fence rail has 6 craft sticks in front, end to end, and 5 craft sticks in the back, holding them all together.
  • Now add some glue to where each of the craft sticks meet. Press a craft stick in place for each section creating the fence posts. Set that aside to dry.
  • For the trees, cut off the rounded ends off of 7 crafts sticks (for 7 trees).
  • Hot glue the squared off craft sticks to the twigs, creating a trunk.
  • Paint the trunks and the fence.
  • You decide where you want your trees, then hot glue them to the back of the fence.
  • Hang it directly on a colored wall using wall putty or 3M wall hanging strips.
  • It would also look great attached to a dark background, like a piece of distressed painted plywood or a solid painted canvas.