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Seashell Angel Ornament


  • Seashell
  • Lace ribbon
  • Round wooden bead
  • Gold ribbon
  • Gold glitter
  • Pink paint
  • White beads
  • Tools: white craft glue scruffy paintbrush, hot glue gun, Scissors, paintbrush, extra fine point marker


  • Cut a 12-inch piece of lace ribbon and tie it into a bow. Set aside.
  • Loop the gold ribbon through the wooden bead. Add a little glue to secure the bead in place.
  • Use a paintbrush to cover the shell with white craft glue, sprinkle with gold glitter. Tap off the excess. You can use the paintbrush to brush off more glitter so that the shell shows through.
  • Hot glue the wooden bead to the pointed end of the shell, gluing the excess ribbon from the bead inside the shell. Glue the shell and bead to the lace bow you tied in step 1.
  • Dip scruffy paintbrush in pink paint and remove all excess paint by brushing it onto a paper towel. Bristles should be almost dry. Apply light pressure to the wooden bead to add the pink cheeks.
  • Use an extra fine point marker or pen to add the eyes and mouth.
  • Glue white beads around the “neck” of the angel (I used a small section of a thrift store necklace).