Juice Box Monsters

Juice Box Monsters

I’ve been meaning to make these guys for quite a while now.

Every time I pull out my craft supplies to make something, those empty juice boxes just keep staring at me. With Halloween almost here, I was running out of time, so I made them this morning.

There are endless possibilities with these guys, limited only to your imagination.

Juice Box Monsters
printable version

juice boxes
rice (or anything to give your monsters some weight so they will stand up)
zipper sandwich bags
hot glue or felt glue

The first thing you’ll want to do is cut open the top of the juice box. Put some rice into a sandwich baggie, squeeze out the air and seal it. I didn’t measure, just poured some in, but I would guess around 1/2 cup. Put the rice bag inside the juice box and reseal the top with tape.

Next, line the bottom of the juice box up with the bottom of the felt. Glue the felt around the juice box, leaving the bottom open so that it can stand well.

For the dude with the big tube on his head, you’ll want to wrap something around the top, I used chenille and trimmed the ends.

Another option is to fringe some hair first, before gluing the felt around the box. You can see I added a rectangle of felt to the top of the box since the hair won’t cover the top on this one.

Now you are ready to add facial features. :)

Cut out some teeth, fangs, polka dots, stripes, whatever strikes your fancy and glue them to the boxes.

That’s it! You’re done! :)


42 Responses to Juice Box Monsters

  1. 1
    Marie {Make and Takes} says:

    These are adorable. And fabulously easy, my kind of craft!!

  2. 2
    Amanda says:

    Thanks Marie! Had these in my head for a while, just finally got around to making them :)

  3. 3
    Jo says:

    Too cute! They will be perfect for decorations at my daughter's Halloween party.

  4. 4
    Rena says:

    Those are great and exactly what I've been looking for for my kids to make next week during Monster Week. Thanks!

  5. 5
    Katrina says:

    Those are awesome!

  6. 6
    Amanda says:

    Thanks ladies!

  7. 7
    Sweet Little Smoothie says:

    I'm visiting from The Girl Creative – these little montsers are sooooo cute!! I'm absolutely filing this page away for this Halloweenb :) Thanks for sharing!

  8. 8
    Jen says:

    Oh my goodness! These would be perfect for my daughter's Monster Mash b-day party she is having at the end of the month. Love them. I'm going to put you on my craft blogroll! :)

    Creative and Curious Kids!

  9. 9
    Dee says:

    This would make a great school project!! Really cute and creative.

  10. 10
  11. 11
    Amanda says:

    Thanks guys! I'm definitely on a monster kick lately :)

  12. 12
    Something Wilde says:

    how cute – and so easy!

  13. 13
    Amanda says:

    Thank you so much!

  14. 14
    Erin says:

    These are too cute!!! A good project for kids to do too.

  15. 15
    Kim @ Frost Me! says:

    fantastic craft! I am sticking this one away for monster party inspiration! Great tutorial!

    hugs! Kim @ Frost Me!
    party inspiration

  16. 16
    Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures says:

    You are good at making those monsters. How fun.

  17. 17
    Jenny at Henrietta's House says:

    These are so cute! Great idea!!

  18. 18
    Melissa says:

    These are seriously the cutest things I've ever seen!


  19. 19
    Judy says:

    What a fun way to recycle those empty juice boxes…and so easy too!

  20. 20
    Meg says:

    This reminds me of the movie Monsters, Inc. Is that what you were going for? I love it!

  21. 21
    Amanda says:

    Thanks for all of your great comments!

    Meg – not really, but I definitely like the mosnters inc monsters! Too cute!

  22. 22
    Al says:

    Great Job – excellent recycling idea

  23. 23
    Sandy Ang says:

    These are so cute !

  24. 24
    creativejewishmom/Sara says:

    this is great Amanda (as usual) you are the monster queen I must say, and you've got me inspired to do something similar but for some other occasion! thanks so much for sharing on Craft schooling Sunday!

  25. 25
    Amy (naptimecrafters) says:

    Fantastic! Giving you an award tomorrow at naptimecrafters.blogspot.com

  26. 26
    Amanda says:

    Thanks all! :) :)

  27. 27
    Melissa Mandella says:

    Hi I just found your blog, not even sure how I got here :) Is there a reason you used empty juice boxes? Just recycling? I was just thinking this would be a cute favor or class gift (instead of the gobs of candy we get each year at Halloween) if you gave these out with full juice boxes, but I didn't know if there was a reason for not using them. I thin you might need to make the covers a little less snug so the box could be removed (and possibly reused).

  28. 28
    Amanda says:

    Yes just recycling, I like your idea though!

  29. 29
    Becky says:

    Hi, these are lovely! any suggestions for little children and a safe glue? As I’m sure they would love it. I wasn’t sure if pva or even double sided tape might work? Thanksx

    • 29.1
      Amanda Formaro says:

      I use Beacon’s 123 Instant Grab glue when I don’t want to use hot glue. It’s a safer alternative and bonds pretty quickly!

  30. 30

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  35. 35
    khitam says:

    Hi,I`s so easy and cute,it`s great idea. thanks a lot

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  40. 40

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