Angry Birds from Cardboard Tubes

I have a confession to make. I’ve definitely seen a few crafts and some recipes made with this “angry birds” theme, but I didn’t know what it was. See, I don’t have an iPhone, so I had no idea what all the fuss was about. The Angry Bird craze is sweeping the internet, so I figured I’d hop on board. Since I’ve been on a cardboard tube craft kick lately, these were just a given!

Update: Now through April 7th you can bid on this set of Angry Birds to benefit the relief effort in Japan. I have donated these to the Helping Japan Auction at Craft Gossip

I have to credit Melissa over at The Chocolate Muffin Tree for the idea. After viewing my cardboard tube chicks she left a comment saying I should make some Angry Birds. So I did! Thanks for the inspiration Melissa, these were fun!

I don’t really have a tutorial, I’ll just tell you what I did. Obviously I cut up a paper towel roll into six pieces then painted each one, inside and out. For the beaks and the pig’s crown, I cut a section out of another cardboard tube and painted it with a yellow orange.

I had already sketched all of these on paper. I had to do a little searching because I did see another bird (see the one X’d out?) that wasn’t in the Angry Birds screenshots or trailer. So I ended up ditching that one.

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I used a round sponge applicator for the pigs chin and nose and for the white bird’s cheeks. I used the end of a paintbrush handle to add the eyes.

I used a tiny paintbrush for the “teeth” in the beaks and a colored pencil to draw the lines. I took some construction paper and painted it to match the tubes to make the tufts of hair, eyebrows and pigs ears. Glue stick to put it all together :)

That’s it, hope you like them! :)


  1. Domestic Goddesque says

    I totally love these: I've heard so much about Angry Birds although have never seen it in action. Who needs to when you have these??

  2. Kat says

    These are so cute! You gotta check out the game. It's very addictive though. You may find that you'll have no time for your cool projects once you start playing the game.

  3. Melissa @ The Chocolate Muffin Tree says

    Thanks for mentioning me too…I just noticed that you did! Yay! They make me smile and my daughter and husband are looking at the screen now and Absolutely LOVE them! They are huge fans of these Angry Birds! Much cheaper than the ones at the Mall!!!!!!!

  4. Tami says

    OMG Amanda!! These are adorable!! You've done it again with the faces — they look real and you could swear that they're looking right at us!!

    Love 'em!!

  5. Kristina says

    The one x'ed out is real!! He's a boomerang! :) These look so simliar to the real thing! Great job!

  6. Liz says

    You have been on a roll! I like these the best. I have an iPod touch and my six year-old son loves Angry Birds. He'll love these too!

  7. Melissa @ The Chocolate Muffin Tree says

    Saw these over at Craft Gossip and glad to see they are being auctioned off for a Great cause!

  8. MoneySavingEnthusiast says

    Very Clever. Kids love that game. I'm sure they will love the craft too. School psychologists sometimes use puppets to help kids deal with feelings. I'll have to show people at my school.

  9. Condo Blues says

    Wow. For not playing the game (obsessive!) or knowing what the Angry Birds crazy is, they are perfect. They look just like the birds and that nasty piggy.

  10. RedTedArt says

    Oh my, you really are a clever lady! Love your angry birds, they are brilliant!!!

    Thanks for linking to Kids Get Crafty!


  11. Amanda Leonard says

    My step mother loves Angry Birds. She downloads ever little expansion or holiday version. It is pretty funny stuff.

    Great project!

  12. Orange Peanut says

    I'm stopping by from Someday Crafts "whatever goes Wednesday." How fun is this!!! I have over a hundred tp tubes waiting for a fun project and this may just be what they were meant to be! Thanks!

  13. Anel @ T.N.C. mom says

    my kids love this game so I'm gonna totally try to make my own and you can't even tell they're tubes. awesome!

  14. Rebekah says

    Thank you so much for sharing these. We just celebrated my twin boys' 8th bday and used these as decorations around the cake table. We originally had them as balloon holders, but all the balloons popped in this heat. Had I known that these were going to take center stage above the King Pig pinata, I would've made one for every child. They all loved them, so I will be sending the directions with the thank you notes. (I used construction paper vs. paint.) Thank you again!

  15. says

    Just checked with “E” and she does remember seeing your tubes on Pinterest so I made sure to revise the post and include a link back to you with credit for the idea! She made hers with cut paper : )

    Happy Crafting!


  16. Emily E says

    Do you have an etsy shop? Would you be willing to make another set? My son wants an Angry Birds bday party and I feel like Im running out of time to make everything myself. Grad school, mommy-hood and wife-dom are all full time jobs as is!

    • says

      Hi Emily! I’m sorry :( I don’t have an etsy shop and I don’t sell my work. A faster alternative would be to print the bird faces from some Angry Bird pics on the internet and just paint the tubes, then paste the faces on :)

  17. says

    These are very cute.
    The bird you crossed out is the Green toucan.
    He would have been very cute also, maybe you will reconsider making him??

    Great idea!


  18. Alisa Shea says

    Hi these are so cute. When I saw them I thought of making them with coffee cans. My grandsons just love them so they would make a wonderful B-Day gift. And a easy one also. Now I know I would need to make all the pieces larger. Thanks so very much. Alisa

  19. lori says

    I LOVE these (my son is OBSESSED)! I’m not much of a crafter (at least much of a successful, “yeah that looks like the picture” kind of crafter) so I need things dummied down as much as possible. :-) Maybe it’s just the angle of the picture, but comparing them to the farm animals and Easter bunnies, these look a LOT bigger in circumference than a regular tp roll. Are they from the “industrial size” rolls like in public restrooms? Thanks!!


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